Introducing A.D.K.O.B. – Single ‚Glue‘

Sydney-based indie quartet, A.D.K.O.B. (A Different Kind Of Busy), first pricked up my ears back in September with this absolute gem Glue. In late October they dropped their debut EP of the same title and I’ve been completely glued (ahem, no pun intended… actually totes pun intended) to their infectious brand of shimmering dream-laden indie-pop.

Not a fresh track by all means, however I had the pleasure of seeing these cats launch their EP over the weekend at iconic Sydney venue and one of my favourite haunts, ‚Oxford Arts Factory‘, which motivated me to write a piece and give this cut the attention it deserves.

From the get go Glue melds and builds with an intricacy of dreamy instruments and frontman, Mark Piccles, vocals adding the capstone by connecting melodies that gracefully fall into each other so effortlessly; before you know it all becomes one intertwining melancholy masterpiece as you the listener, becomes completely lost within.

If I was to compare notes, Glue is reminiscent of Dan Croll, Other Lives and dare I say moments of Foals.

Quite simply Glue is a strong indie-pop sing-a-long and if A.D.K.O.B. keep writing songs like this, then I would be confident in saying we will be seeing them hang around for quite a hot minute.